Drew and Stu's Adventurous Shoes Children's Book


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Discover where Drew and Stu travel in this delightful story about a young boy's imagination and his dog.

8.5"x8.5" Paperback Flip-Page Book

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Description of the Book

A playful story, written in rhyme, with  beautiful illustrations will spark the imagination of readers of all ages.

At the request of Drew and Stu, book sales will benefit:









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Why Are We Donating to These Charities?

    My cell phone rang and Fr. Jim's name flashed across the screen.   "Ya mon, how are you Fr. Jim"? Much to my surprise the voice on the other end said, "Hi Mrs. Barbara, this is Andre.  I am here with Fr. Jim and I wanted to tell you I made the Dean's List“! Andre had just finished his first year in college and couldn't wait to share his good news with me.  I had met Andre 11 years ago when he came to the first vacation bible school I helped organize at Mary Gate of Parish in Negril, Jamaica.  I have watched Andre grow and mature into the wonderful young man he is today.  His life has not been an easy one, but because of people like Fr. Jim, Andre has met with success, not only in his academic endeavors but in his personal life as well.  Andre now serves as a positive role model for all the children who are in Fr. Jim's Get Kids to School Program.  Long after our conversation ended, I kept thinking about Andre and just how proud I was of him.  I knew then I wanted to help other children have the same opportunity as Andre to succeed in their education.  That is when I decided book sales from my new book, Drew and Stu's Adventurous Shoes would be given to the Get Kids to School Program.

Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati

One of my favorite moments as a kindergarten teacher was when a 5 year old child realized he/she could read or even pretend that they could read. The child was on a path to creative adventures for a lifetime. I can’t imagine going through life without a book in the car, by my bedside or in my purse. Isn’t that why we carry large bags!

When I retired, two of my goals were to read more and enjoy the process of creating art.  Barb Coyle gave me the opportunity to work with her and  illustrate “Drew and Stu’s Adventurous Shoes.”

The Literacy Network offers the training, supplies, books and support for children and adults who want to learn to read or improve their reading skills. This is accomplished through volunteers and at no cost to the students.  Retirement also afford me the chance to be part of the volunteer force at the Literacy Network of Cincinnati. I am able to continue to teach and support students who are struggling readers and share my love for the printed word. Three mornings a week, I am greeted by my little crew of 8 students who are struggling readers but want to improve and enjoy reading. I am blessed to be able to share my time and teaching experience with these children. Because of the picture book that Barb has authored, I can now make a financial contribution to the Literacy Network. I am anxious to share and read “Drew and Stu’s Adventurous Shoes” to those children.

The Inspiration for My Story

Andrew (Drew) is our first and only grandchild.  The idea for my book came to me when Andrew was just a few weeks old.  Andrew was sleeping peacefully in my arms while his dog Stu snoozed next to us on the couch.  Spotting his dad's hiking boots by the back door, my mind raced ahead to the first time Andrew would be old enough to strap on his boots, grab Stu by his leash and venture into the woods in their back yard.  I looked down at Andrew's sweet face and thought "oh, the adventures the two of you are going to have when you are older!"  Immediately the idea for my story popped into my mind, title and all...Drew and Stu's Adventurous Shoes.  In my mind's eye, I saw magical buttons on these shoes.  When pushed, these shoes would take Drew and Stu on adventures around the world.  From the blue ocean shore, to a safari in Africa, there was no limit to the adventures they would experience together.  Much to my surprise, the story in my mind took on a life of its own.  Because of the creative work of my talented artist, Maureen Born, my words traveled from the pages of my notebook to the pages of this beautifully illustrated children's book.  My hope is that Drew and Stu's adventures will inspire children to go to their closet, grab their shoes, and create their own imagined adventures.

About Us

Barbara Hesse Coyle

Barbara grew up in Reading, Ohio where she attended Mount Notre Dame High School. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Eastern Kentucky University, a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Louisville and a Certificate in Religious Studies from the College of Mount St. Joseph. Barbara taught kindergarten in Kentucky. She also taught theology at Roger Bacon High School. Her love for children and education inspired her to write this rhyming book for her grandson and his dog. This is Barbara’s second published book.

Maureen Coakley Born

Maureen graduated from Seton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati. Maureen is a retired Cincinnati Public School Kindergarten teacher. Her artistic talents include watercolor, acrylic painting, abstract collage, pottery, and eco printing. This is Maureen’s first illustrated book.